Reckeen LITE SDI-HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation

Reckeen LITE SDI-HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation

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Reckeen LITE SDI-HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation

Perfect broadcasting solution for professionals and beginners

We invite you to a world of new possibilities: with our solutions your video content will be unique and professional, and its creation process easy and fun.

Thanks to many years of our experience in designing and developing solutions for video production and processing market, we can present you with a virtual studio system that will meet your highest expectations – enjoy RECKEEN LITE.

RECKEEN LITE has been created as a technology that combines the quality of high-budget solutions with the ease of use. It allows you to realize professional video materials in a virtual studio, with various types of stage design. What’s more, it is an excellent marketing tool and a platform for creative people to express themselves. 

RECKEEN LITE system is based on a green screen technology placing the presenter in a virtual space. Additionally, it enables incorporating a video footage as well as static graphic materials into a „virtual scene”.

It is a comprehensive tool supporting not only visual solutions, but also sound editing and, most of all, broadcasting in a streaming mode.

In a nutshell –  RECKEEN LITE is a complete and user-friendly system for starting your own virtual studio based online TV channel with no lesser quality than the ones known from popular TV programs or Internet portals.

Creating social media content 

Being aware of the social media’s vital role, and especially video materials, in today’s marketing communication, it is difficult to imagine a more effective tool for creating content than a customized video channel based on a branded setting. 

Fitting your marketing strategy 

RECKEEN LITE system is primarily an efficient marketing tool, and thus we put strong emphasis on utilization of its potential here. 

Appearance limited only by your imagination 

In RECKEEN LITE system, the appearance of a studio is constructed in 2D technology with using layers, and the only applicable limitations here are: functionality, aesthetics, and branding assumptions; the laws of physics – like gravity – do not apply  

Effective branding 

There are many definitions of the brand. But each one can be carried out using „a tale” told by a video channel with a stage design that could be found in the manual describing the elements of visual identification. 

Stage design tailored to your individual needs 

Regardless of what you do, you can always choose the visual code that will be an appropriate medium for publishing your content. The role of design here is to subordinate the stage design character to marketing assumptions, image and character of the brand for which the TV channel operates.

Our designers will create a stage design tailored to your needs

Possibility of creating a stand-alone product in the form of a video channel 

Every one of us knows the TV formats that are engraved on their memory: based on the personality of the anchorman, theme, character or ambiance built in the studio. Everyday, we see programs/news on TV and on the Internet that are based on the virtual studio technology.

You can join the club. You’ll be the star, and we can provide the necessary support.

VSM Lite Editor – this free virtual scenery editor is an additional module of RECKEEN LITE system, complementary to LITE Production module. It has also been designed to operate as a separate program you can install on any kind of PC.

With its help, you can easily set up your own virtual studio stage design. The design of the studio is carried out using layers, with one atop another. This way you can make a composition consisting of pre-prepared graphics and layers representing signals – sources A and B (Talents) and sources C and D (Screens). When such constructed project is saved as a rec2D file, it is possible to use it as a fully functional virtual studio stage design loading it into RECKEEN LITE system.

Competitive price 

RECKEEN LITE system is the cheapest solution available on the market offering such broad editing capabilities and a quality of a virtual studio. 

Ease of usage 

Everyone who had mastered some basic computer skills will quickly be able to familiarize themselves with workings of the video technology in a level sufficient to use the RECKEEN LITE set.

Quality comparable to big-budget solutions 

The creators of the solution wanted to make the big-budget technology available to the masses. We believe they succeeded. What do you think? 


The simplicity and efficiency of this solution enables application of the set by virtually all business representatives that use the Internet – ranging from video bloggers, through training companies and creators of their own TV channels, to corporations, local government and educational institutions. 

Streaming support 

Just imagine that you can make a live broadcast from your studio that will reach the Internet users around the world 


When packed, the whole set can fit into the trunk of your car, so you can run your studio from any place with access to the Internet and to the power supply… and of course a couple of spare square meters.