RECKEEN Lite HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation
RECKEEN Lite HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation
RECKEEN Lite HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation
RECKEEN Lite HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation
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RECKEEN Lite HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation

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RECKEEN Lite HDMI 4K Virtual Studio Workstation


Create – Produce – Broadcast

This 2-dimensional, 4K, high quality system is the most all-rounded and affordable virtual studio workstation on the market. Easy-to-use software, automation features, editors – those are just a few reasons why RECKEEN LITE is perfect for all creatives who want to produce visually satisfying, interesting and professional-looking TV content, online courses, training videos, and more. 

The system is compatible with other devices such as: switchers, production systems, any cameras, and more.
Do you already work on a green screen and/or own other systems that you are happy with? Great! - RECKEEN can work not only as a stand-alone workstation, but also as a supplementary module to other equipment – expand your working environment with new possibilities! 



RECKEEN LITE a 2D virtual studio system, that includes high quality hardware combined with smart, efficient and easy-to-use software. The combination of quality and durability of the product with reasonable price point makes it perfect for novice broadcasters who strive for great results, innovative education facilities that want to incorporate technology into teaching and learning, for creating corporate materials and different kinds of presentations, and for all creative people who produce videos and TV content and aim for impressive outcome.

This complete workstation, together with pre-installed software, allows you to create, produce and broadcast material filmed on a green screen, and place it inside a virtual scenery.

Intuitive switcher, easy-to-use application, and many automation functions, make this product perfect for inexperienced users, and for those who work alone – this system makes it possible to create, produce and broadcast your content completely on your own.
All that and much more come with this budget-friendly system - RECKEEN Lite 

Built-in applications and content:

  • 50 ready-to-use studio sets of and 44 ready-to-use PIP scenographies of different styles
  • VSM Lite Editor - create your own, unique scenography, and edit the existing ones
  • Still Editor – create captions, graphic boards, news tickers, and more.
  • SmartKey – PIP feature, with 4 independent chroma keys, that can generate 4 separate outputs with talents on different backgrounds 

System’s features:

  • 4K resolution
  • 6 NDI inputs and 1 output
  • Integration with communicators such as Skype (through NDI) with two-way communication
  • Mixer
  • Switcher
  • Audio mixer
  • Recorder
  • Streamer
  • 2D Multi-camera
  • Premium chroma key – 4 independent channels
  • 10 programmable triggers – to simplify and automate production
  • High quality graphics
  • Built-in audio panel
  • Possibility of connecting an external, professional audio panel ADB-100, providing AES3 signal quality (not included in the package) 


RECKEEN Lite has 4 camera inputs, up to 4K format. It allows you to have up to two 4K or up to four Full HD camcorders connected to the RECKEEN’s workstation. Their signals are keyed independently in a high quality, thanks to four independent high-end chroma key channels. Multiple inputs allow a user to make more complex productions with numerous talents filmed on different greenscreens, and also in different locations – if using an NDI connection (NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology enables compatible systems, devices, and applications to connect and communicate over IP to share video, audio, and data).



RECKEEN Lite, by default, comes with 50 professionally-prepared set designs in various styles and themes. Virtual sets contain decorations, furniture and virtual screens on which various media can be displayed.

Moreover, by using our free software - VSM Lite Editor, you can create your own, unique scenography, or edit the existing ones that have been provided with the system.

By using this intuitive application, everyone can create a unique design, tailored to individual needs and liking. The editor is provided within the RECKEEN Lite software, but it’s also a stand-alone software, available for free! 



Our Still Editor application allows you to create text panels and aesthetically impressive compositions in the form of graphic files with images and texts, such as news tickers. Texts can also be edited during broadcast, in real-time, without the need to go back to the application – this way you can place a text panel with a new content live on-air immediately.



Get even closer to your subscribers and followers with an easy, live streaming option!

Stream to any social media and broadcasting platform directly from RECKEEN Lite.

Use ready-made streaming profiles to popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or choose custom settings to stream to any other platform of your choice.



For optimized results during production, RECKEEN Lite comes with RECKEEN VKey-100- a specially designed control panel that provides precise control over real-time video operations.
This control panel combines ergonomic design, top-quality, precise mechanics and versatile functionality.

Main features:

  • Joystick XYZ (3-axis) - with this multifunctional joystick you can precisely control the movements of the virtual cameras in a virtual space
  • Comfortable T-bar Fader - equipped with a contactless Hall Effect technology using a magnetic sensor and angle measurement. It provides smooth, consistent feel by utilizing Teflon bearing surfaces and steel ball races.
  • 91 LED illuminated buttons - provide heightened visibility of the control surface


In the Box

•       RECKEEN Lite HDMI - 4K Virtual Studio workstation

•       RECKEEN VKey-100 Control Panel

•       PC Keyboard

•       PC Mouse


Main Tech Specs:

Reckeen HDMI Virtual Studio System

Video input


  • 4 x HDMI 1.4 type A connector with support for 1080p60 two up to 4k 30p

Video output


  • 2 x HDMI 1.4 type A connector with support for 1080p60 one up to 4k 30p


  1. Audio Inputs and outputs.

All available for two types of microphones – dynamic and condenser with + 48V phantom

a) Digital input and output: embedded stereo on each SDI and HDMI

b) Analog input and output:

  • 2 x XLR channels – professionally balanced analogue audio, stereo differential input (-10dBV, or 4dBu)
  • 2 x Jack 6,3mm channels – professional balanced analogue audio, stereo differential input (-10dBV, or 4dBu)
  • 1 x Jack 6,3mm – stereo headphone output