Lightstream LITE Pro 5 Kit - 5x 20cm Reflectors with Case and Grip Gear (SLL5-20)

Lightstream LITE Pro 5 Kit - 5x 20cm Reflectors with Case and Grip Gear (SLL5-20)

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New Lightstream "LITE" 5x reflector (20x20cm) Pro kit has multiple reflector styles and shoe mount grip gear to take full advantage of multi-reflector set-ups.

Lightstream LITE style reflectors use a convenient hot shoe camera mount for gripping and this kit includes some of those tools. The LITE reflectors do not have the reinforced backing material which other Lightstream reflectors use making them extremely light weight. These reflectors weigh a feathery 2oz each! Reflectors now come with protective corner ID covers for easier selection from the pouch.

This kit come with 2x #1 reflectors, 2x #2 reflectors, and a #3 reflector, all in the 20x20cm LITE size. For controlled, systematic and maximum results, use a dedolight with Parallel Beam Intensifier (intense spot). All Lightstream reflector boards transfer over 95% of source light. Lightstream Lite reflectors use a receiving hot-shoe mount on the back of the boards for mounting. 


  • Lite reflectors need cold shoe mount accessories for gripping


  • 2x #1 Lightstream Lite reflector
  • 2x #2 Lightstream Lite reflector
  • #3 Lightstream Lite reflector
  • 2x DLSA1/4 - 5/8" receptacle stand fitting with 1/4" receiver thread
  • 2x DH3 - Plate mount with 1/4" receiver thread
  • 3x CLAMP-M - Mini clamp with 1/4" und 3/8" receiver thread
  • 5x DMFA22 - 22cm flexible are with cold-shoe mount and 1/4" thread
  • DPLAST - Malleable mounting putty for DH3 plate mount
  • DPINSET - set of 10 push-pins for DH3 plate mount
  • DPRP22 - Protective pouch for up to 7x 20cm Lite reflectors