DP1S-0 - Imaging Projector for "S" Size Lights (without lens)

DP1S-0 - Imaging Projector for "S" Size Lights (without lens)

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This is a must-have system for any dedolight user's style of production, especially product and tabletop work. The DP1S Imager/Projector fits in the accessory slot for all DLED2 and DLED3 light head models. It's is a dedicated universal slot imager, fitting S size gobos (with the DPGHS gobo holders, not included). To simplify things, the small projectors (M and S size) have integrated condenser, gobo receptacle and the lens holders in one single unit. This model does NOT come with a lens. It will work with older dedolight S Size projector lenses if you are upgrading, or if you want to build your own lens set starting with only the projector.

If you are stuck using projectors with chromatic aberrations and image distortion, you'll want to try this projection system. Quite frankly, there is no comparison; nothing can do what dedolight projectors can do.


  • DLED2 or DLED3 light heads
Perfect Resolution
Razor sharp edging. If you want to make your shape in perfect focus, you can. This is perfect light, and perfect shadow where you want it.

Perfect Light & Shadow
No chromatic aberrations! Unlike every other light projector, you get clean light around every in-focus edge. No need to pull soft focus to get around poor light quality.

Simple Controls
Easily pull lens for soft focus, or use the DPEYESET for edge softening. With this control, you can light a subject as small as a match head, and everything on up.
Quick Application
All Ledzilla accessories mount using a unique click-and-twist "bayonet" system. 
Cut your set-up time down immeasurably by controlling light and shadow with laser-like accuracy in seconds.
Change Lenses
Use the lens tightening knob to quickly change the lens for image scaling: