4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 25cm & 50cm Lightstream, & Eflect Reflectors with pouch (GF-LS-50K)

4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 25cm & 50cm Lightstream, & Eflect Reflectors with pouch (GF-LS-50K)

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The best way to maximize your Lightstreaming potential is to harness the power of ALL the beam. Depending on your set up, this reflector "array" grip kit, designed by Dedolight California, allows you cluster up to 4 - 50cm Lightstream reflectors, or 4 - large Eflect mirrors in a highly controllable way. By doing so, very little of the host beam goes to waste. Most importantly it gives users control over the angle and positioning of each Lightstream reflector in 3-D space with great ease and speed. For example, use multiple #1 reflectors to better split the host beam and redirect two new beams while capturing as much of the host beam as possible. This system is built with 5/8" rods and closed gags, as well as ball-joint arms from dedolight. The rods and gags can slide the reflector closer or farther away from one another, and the ball-joint attached to the reflector makes pivoting the reflector at any angle a breeze. We've done a fair amount of testing on this, and by mixing multiple grip items into a single kit we believe we've found a powerful solution for Lightstream users!


  • 2 - 30", 5/8" rods
  • 1 - 40", 5/8" rod
  • 4 - 5/8" Closed Gags
  • 2 - 5/8" Dual Knob Gags 
  • 4 - Double Ball-Joint 5/8" Pin with Kipp handle
  • Rolled canvas pouch


  • Each mounted Lightstream reflector needs a DLR-LOCK for attaching to ball-joint arms


  • This 5/8" Array kit will work with 25cm and 50cm Lightstream reflectors
  • This kit will work for large Eflect reflectors as well
  • 0CASAFETY - anti-glare safety cable sling

 NOTE: Images represent 25cm reflector array setup. Reflectors and DLR-LOCKS are not included in this kit.