150w, 24v, Black-Tip Tungsten Halogen Lamp for Classic Series dedolight Heads (DL150)

150w, 24v, Black-Tip Tungsten Halogen Lamp for Classic Series dedolight Heads (DL150)

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MAX ORDER 8 - BLACK TIP WILL BE DISCONTINUED - SUPPLY IS LIMITED (see note about black-tip lamps below product info)

DL150 Tungsten halogen lamp (FCS), 150 W, 24 V, Socket G6.35, 300 hours, 3200 K, 6000 lm, black-tip. For DLH3, DLH4 & DLH4M-300/300DMX models.

You have an option here to purchase a single lamp, or a box of 20.

  • DLH3 (variations)
  • DLH4
  • DLHM4-300
  • DLHM4-300DMX


  • Dedolight low voltage lamps offer very high light output up to 40 lumens per watt – twice more than high voltage halogen lamps used in conventional studio lights.
  • Dedolight lamps cost only a fraction of lamps used in standard line voltage lights with similar output.
  • The long lifetime adds further to the savings in operating costs. The savings over time surpass the original purchase price of the entire dedolight light head several times. 
  • The high durability of the lamps allow dedolights to be used in on location and in harsh environments. Highly shock and vibration resistant, dedolights are used under conditions which would be  disastrous to fixtures operating on standard voltages.
  • The small size of the filament contributes to the effectiveness of the optical system

NOTE ABOUT BLACK TIP LAMPS: More recent versions of the Classic 150w light heads have a black shield in front of the lamp which looks like a half circle, cutting the light from the top of the lamp just as a black-tip lamp would (its attached to the socket assembly). If you have this shield, you can use clear-tip lamps.